Mimimax Global Solutions delivers complete freight shipping services throughout North America.

We provide safe, reliable and efficient shipping solutions, through our extensive networks, either by ocean, air, rail or road.

Minimax Express asset division with access to over 10,000 contract carriers.
dedicated Minimax Express trucks
ready to go trailers

Who we are

Minimax Global Solutions formed with a single thought in mind.  To provide a transparent, efficient total transportation solution. We remain family owned and operated business that is located in Cornwall Ontario.  We have built a strong reputation for exceptional, transparent transportations solutions throughout North America.

Minimax Global Solutions boasts partnerships with hundreds of reputable likeminded Carriers that can provide any transportation services our clients require.  By providing multiple options for your consideration.

Our Division works in harmony with all our partnerships, whether it is supporting capacity, or assisting our clients who need freight moved across Canada, US and globally by any means you might require.

With Minimax Global Solutions you get

  • Experienced individuals, that listens, creates and innovates a custom-gear transportation solution

  • Honest open collaboration for mutually satisfactory results.

  • Continuous investment in highly skilled supply chain experts and transportation management systems.

  • Handpicked reliable, safe, dependable carriers with local and international expertise

  • A team driven to problem solve

The MINIMAX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS team pledges to our clients: to continuously improve our processes and technology so that we are poised to be your number one choice. We know that communication is crucial and is a must have for many Mangers and CEO’s when working with an outsource partner.

Our promise is to be transparent, keep you informed and make the process as simple as possible.


Through an extensive network of transparent partnerships, we can handle all your transportation needs across North America and beyond. We strategically use our relationships with partners to provide you the right solution.

  • FLEXIBILITY – Regardless of Volume
  • HAZARDOUS MATERIALS – Hazardous certified partners
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL – wide range of Fresh, Frozen and Ambient
  • GLOBAL SERVICES – Air, Ocean and Intermodal Services

For over 25 years, our extended family has built a strong reputation for exceptional service within Ontario and Quebec.
Minimax Global Solutions will continue these core principals in our expansion of our service network beyond Ontario and Quebec.

Do you feel the same?

  • Inability to focus on your core business, due to time and cost managing transportation?

  • Tired trying to get someone to care or listen to you about your freight needs?

  • Frustrated at the lack of accountability for on time, damage free deliveries?

  • Overwhelmed with multiple modes of transportation planning, resulting in loss of production

  • Furious with customer service representatives trying to locate your freight?



We are passionate problem solvers that believe in thinking differently about transportation. We believe in providing a worry free, unique and custom-geared transportation experience. We believe our partners must be like-minded. Our Partnerships must be transparent and open, so we can be transparent and open with you. What we offer is a customized worry free total transportation solution.


To become the most trusted and dependable provide of Logistics Services in North America.

Logistics Services

Minimax offers flexible solutions to all companies in North America.

More Flexibility

More Flexibility

We have the network to seamlessly address all of your needs from LTL to FL within Canada and cross-border.

Seasonality and Peak

Seasonality and Peak

We have the ability to `flex` with your changing needs throughout the year.



We continually invest in our TMS to provide you real-time status of all your shipments from origin to delivery, reporting, stability in rates and accurate billing.

Quality of service

Quality of service

You can count on us to provide you with exception service. Our experienced team knows the importance of doing it right every shipment. Your trust in us matters.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We care about building long term relationships built on trust and finding better ways to help you succeed.  You can count on us to dig deep into your supply chain for process improvements and profitable business solutions.

Specialty Services

Minimax Global Solutions offers a complete, flexible total transportation solution to all companies.